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Hello! I'm Mike Coddington. This website is my homepage. That's an antiquated term that means that it's a webpage about me and my interests that I built. I've grown tired of seeing tons of cookie cutter websites that run on Blogger, WordPress, etc. The soul of the Internet's getting sucked away with all these sites. This site's going to be unique at the very least. It might not look beautiful, but it will be handmade with care.

This website is intentionally not using HTTPS. I think it's shortsighted that the major browser manufacturers are applying so much pressure to people to use HTTPS for things that don't really need HTTPS. My web page is full of dumb crap that really doesn't need to be encrypted. Here's a good explanation of why HTTPS is fine, but not for everyone. I agree with everything written here.

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E-mail me: root@coddington.us.